At Visibilio we prepare gelato in front of our customers. 10 years of experience has

enabled us to create a gelato which is always fresh

and creamy.


In its name, the brand, that aquamarine colour and in the sophisticated simplicity of its form, Visibilio presents itself as a fresh idea where everything revolves around how the sense of sight can create emotions.

And the most important emotion is the sensation our customers have when they see a gelato being made right in front of their eyes, where the traditional showcase rich in flavours is transformed into a real laboratory in this innovative gelateria: a single machine that both produces and sells the gelato.

Compared to what is on offer at present, i.e. traditional gelaterie and the self-service soft variety, Visibilio paves the way for a different message: preparing gelato before the eyes of the customer.


10 years of experience has taught us to create exclusive mixtures where carefully selected
and balanced ingredients produce a light refined gelato.

Thanks to the use of this new
system of preparation we are able to offer an gelato containing 40% less sugar and fewer
additives, so more natural.


The long creative process carried out to give shape to Visibilio has meant a distancing
from what the market currently offers, where products often lack identity and tend to confuse
styles and colours.

Visibilio, where elegance meets form and colour, is not only a gelateria but a café and
nibbles bar too.

A correct diversification and a careful search for original high quality products complete
the offer of a concept that intends to avoid the seasonal aspect of the product in order to
work all year round.

A minimum space of 20 sqm is needed to set up Visibilio, which can then be adapted to
the needs of our franchisees.


VISAVIS: a unique franchising project because our affiliate is assisted for 12 months.

We believe that in three days or a few weeks it is difficult to convey all the know-how gathered in over 10 years of experience and including theory, practice, training, strategies and communication.

With VISAVIS we show we believe in our affiliates and the choice we made, putting them in the right conditions to best express the potentiality of Visibilio.